Recycle and re-use

As the focus on the responsible use of packaging becomes ever more important, BodyPak is committed to designing and developing new products with a focus on responsible materials choice.

We continue to work with our manufacturing partners in offering new and exciting materials options along with developing refillable re-use packaging as an alternative to packaging that is disposed of after its contents have been used.

In this fast changing environment our current solutions are the following:

PIR (Post Industrial Regrind)

Making use of material waste recovered from industrial processes, particularly PP material which can be used in the manufacture of our closures.

PCR (Post Consumer Regrind)

Making use of plastic materials that have been recycled, particularly PP and PE materials. This material is made from components that have been used by consumers before being separated, cleaned, recycled and re-used in newly manufactured components.


Making use of materials derived from natural sources. We can now offer extrusion blow moulded bottles and flexible tubes produced in sugar cane derived PE material, which is produced from the waste product of sugar cane.
This material has similar properties to fossil fuel derived PE and is also recyclable.

Other Sustainable Solutions

Design to re-use!
We design all of our products to be appealing on the eye and capable of sustaining use for many years. The appeal of plastic is that it is so versatile and inexpensive, so why dispose of perfectly usable packaging after its contents have been used?

We have a great team of people who can create exciting re-usable packaging designs, negating the need to recycle or dispose.

Visit splosh.com for one example of how we have assisted one brand in developing long lasting re-usable packaging.